Law Of Attraction Movie God Will Provide

I always let a man go homeless for a night, then I remembered I am the Holy Ghost.

I wanted to say this truth, heck... this is blog post is straight to the point

I have scientific faith and when I feel what it felt like as I called back 4 times before he called me, and thought i just wasted a life.
But he called, and he didn't go homeless.  I had just manifested a $47 sale, a new team member, a dope funnel, and a new strategy to gain more guaranteed appointment leads, within an hour.  The law of attraction was rewarding me, so how could i not step up and the only savior there is to someone...
A Friend that sticks closer than a brother.  Law of attraction movie God will provide, manifestation success story about my money...

Now The Law of Attraction Movie

God Will Provide!

Manifestation Success Stories Money

law of
                            attraction movie

That $47 sale will net me $12,000 in commissions in the next 7 years residual.  When God provides he usually provides more than enough and that is what this law of attraction movie is about.

The Science of Getting Rich

The Trading Box

Achieving Life Goals Through Visualization

I usually don't do things like this but today is your lucky day since you watched my law of attraction movie

The 6 sales to financial freedom plan is THE perfect way to RETIRE IN ONE YEAR.

These 6 sales are going to net you $997 a piece minus some hard costs.

When listening to your heart, after watching my law of attraction movie, you know this is something you can do, because at the end of this plan if you can make 6 sales in 1 year then ride out 720 days of investing, you'll be making $210 daily regardless if you work or not...

And if you call, clicking a button to buy a membership "work" well...

Ok, so how are we gonna get these 6 sales so we can relax year 2 and just collect $210 daily?  Ok, look you may not may sales superhero like me, but I believe you can sell 6 $97 yes decisions.

If you can do this your cash flow for the next 11 months is $582.

You got some hard costs, so you gotta be safe and purchase your end of the deal on cost of sale, so Let's be safe and assume the cash flow is $444.

Do you feel you are dignified knowing that you already have a compounding passive weekly investment going for you, and all you have to do today to pay $264 and you'll get $210 daily in 720 days.

So the next 11 months are gravy working with your 6 "coaching" clients.

Then, you have the choice... Do you want to continue to serve on day 720 or do I want to stay retired.

This is your 6 sales to retire in a year after a year sort of...

Click Get It NOW below You'll Understand it all in the end.

Here's what he said after I let him read this.

Yes, I feel God will provide, this is what he said after not spending the night homeless becoming my second sale and second team member.

He made up for the foul that almost left his ass homeless.  This is why I do affiliate marketing it does this for people. Changes lives by helping someone who needs a home.  Isn't that what all i need is one is about?

All I need is one.  Providing homes & home materials for all.  This why we crowdfund.

the trading box

law of attraction movie
So Here's The Law of Attraction Movie Story

This past 2 weeks I have been practicing manifesting.  I didn't expect everything that happened to happened, but it did.  It started first with a $997 sale from scratch, showed me my email marketing was capable to providing.  Then a $47, new team member & $12,000 over 7 year deal.  This is when I really started to get excited.  Next was a new traffic source with guaranteed appointments, and I blessed someone to pay their bill!

This screenshot was from last year, but it all of a sudden came to my mind when I built the new funnel to use this traffic source.

Finally the law of attraction movie ended with me providing a place to stay for a young 25 year old.  All I need is one, or providing homes allowed me get him started with the $1,000 a week career plan.  This was a $27 sale, new team member, and $4,000 deal over 7 years!

Also I did manifest that sale, I got a commitment for 17 days later, so In 17 days I get paid.  In total I manifested $13,374 Over the next 7 years!

God will provide!

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